A founding member, George was a key player in No Drama but has recently worked as a session musician. George provides vocal harmonies and soaring guitar solos.

His musical influences - David Gilmour, Santana (check out his guitar work on Smooth), Larry Carlton, SRV, Kenny Burrell, Steve Morse.  ​Favourite bands - Pink Floyd, The Angels, Cold Chisel, Metallica and Dire Straits.
A founding member, Shane has previously played in Eighth Day and Clayton Five.​ His favourite bands are Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, ACDC, The Police and the mighty Fooies.

His musical influences are - John Bonham, Stewart Copeland, Ian Paice, Chad Smith, Matt Cameron and Taylor Hawkins.  He is really looking forward to introducing his new double kick into the sets - this will open up a whole range of new songs to explore.  Shane has been drumming for 30 years and is loving the current band line up.
Jon has been vocalist for Revamp, Blast and Silverhair.

Singing in covers bands for about 15 years, Jon is in constant search of perfecting the craft - just ask any of the band about rehearsals! Renowned in the band for the white pants and constant distractions throughout gigs - (usually whilst the boys are trying to have their rock star moments)... and changing the set list on the fly!  His influences - INXS, U2, Icehouse/Flowers - anything classic 80's, more recently Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd.
Stew has previously performed with Old Play, The Simones and Silverhair.

Stew gains inspiration from Rick Wakeman pioneering the synth in Journey to the Centre of the Earth, the clean sounds and amazing keys in Supertramp and the pure vocals of Michael Hutchence.
Musical Influences - Queen, The Eagles, Cruel Sea and Greenday.

Founding member of Turbulence and XWhy (originals and covers), progressing to Your Other Lover, You Oughta Know (The Alanis Morisette show) and Radio Girl, Leon most recently spent 8 years as bass/vox with Soundproofed.

Leon combines with Shane to provide the thumping rhythm section for the band, as well as checking in with some harmonies and the odd lead vocal.  His musical influences - The Cult, Icehouse, INXS and The Tea Party.